quinta-feira, 15 de maio de 2014

Interview With Eduardo Benvenuti

The Gamer BRKsEDU

Before going to the interview , let's talk a little of it : Edu has a channel on Youtube , BRKsEdu , which has over 1.5 million subscribers . There is videos of gameplays of top games , be it release or not . Edu started making these videos and so long as the main gamers today , and he was responsible for bringing the eyes of network Machinima to Brazil and invest in these kids who were doing a good job just as a hobby , without any investment . Today we have great channels that genre thanks largely to him .

Edu is a fact about which he is passionate about it . He has an enviable collection of games , does not have a preferred platform and has a great appreciation for old games , enough for him to be chosen for our first interview, then come motifs . How would the guy 's mustache and red clothes : Here we go !

THE CHAPLIN : Edu , you do not have the Ark of the Covenant , but you have your Gaming Room which has an enviable collection of nerdy things . Do you have any idea how many games , paintings and dolls do you have?

Edu : Look, I can not say for sure, but I imagine that I have about 300-400 games among all platforms , each 10 frames / posters , some 20 and some 10 plush dolls / action figure.

Part 2:

THE CHAPLIN : You were responsible for bringing the network Machinima to Brazil , convincing them of the potential that Brazil has , then you are important. How do you rate the Youtube today that is different from the past and you always try to seek and improve on your channel ? Also , send a tip to the guys who watch your videos and other gamers and wants to start a channel .

Edu : Compared to when I started , today there is much more accepting networks Brazilians and Portuguese , there are many more channels channels creating content in Portuguese , and there is much more public interested in watching videos of games on Youtube . In this, the platform is quite different . However , the concept of keeping the channel has not changed much , and it serves as a hint to other channels : one needs a good recording equipment ( HD capture card , microphone) because the public is already accustomed to good quality audio and video , and good reviews ( fun but at the same time informative) . Key points to keep a channel : posting frequency ( every day, every week , every fortnight , as you prefer ) , quality review ( speak with courage and excitement , with good diction ) and engagement with attached ( read and , where possible the answer comments on Youtube , Twitter , Facebook ) .

THE CHAPLIN : Many think that " Youtuber Gamers " play all the time , but actually it is not so, you for example , have work , have a wife , have channel has friends and also want their leisure time , even video game has been a great pleasure . How do you distribute your time ?

Edu : I let my free time to do things I like, and I include recording the videos from that channel . However , in addition to recording videos in my free time I also play games that do not appear in the channel ( I'm currently playing Final Fantasy Tactics ) , watch movies and TV shows ( How I Met Your Mother and The Walking Dead currently) , I go out to eat ( Japanese food, fast food, restaurants Outback style) , I go in search of retro games , sometimes I'll run kart . Anyway , I try to do in my free time I like things !